pennyauction: Peak Firearms

Gunbroker user PennyAuction

Alias: pennyauction


Real entity:
Peak Firearms
40 S. Main Street
Tooele, UT 84074
Phone: 801-796-2715
FFL #: 9-87-045-01-8C-01160 (note the 8C is likely updated to 1C now)

President: Michael Harrison

Facebook page:
GunBroker profile:

Other venues where Peak Firearms conducts business:,MICHAEL_HARRISON_274



This seller lists products on GunBroker with locations varying from McLean, VA to Arlington, TX. It appears he is using the identity and locations to avoid MAP enforcement from companies including STI, Vortex, Glock, etc.

Why use the name pennyauction? Likely because any search results trying to find them will be buried by lots of other GunBroker related content and discussions of actual penny auctions.

They may be changing their GunBroker username to try to remain anonymous. If you have other aliases or intel please post a comment with details.

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